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School counselling service

School counselling staff are members of the school learning and support team.

A teacher may recommend the service by referring a student to the school’s learning and support team. As a parent or carer, you may refer your child directly to the school counselling service. Students can also self-refer to the service.

The school counselling service can:

  • support students who are worrying about school work, friends, getting in trouble at school or feeling down
  • help parents and carers make decisions about your child’s education
  • assess a student’s learning and behaviour
  • help teachers and students identify and address disabilities that may affect learning
  • liaise with other agencies regarding student wellbeing.

School counselling is confidential.

For more information about learning and support teams and the school counselling service, please contact your school.

Student Counselling at MPS

Parents can refer their child to the School Counsellor:

  • Through discussion with the Principal or Learning and Support Team Co-ordinator.
  • Signed permission must be obtained from legal guardians prior to admission to the counsellor's caseload.
  • Cases will be prioritised through the Learning and Support Team based on current case load and level of urgency.
  • Once the referral is accepted the School Counsellor may contact you for an interview to discuss your concerns.


Teachers can also refer students to the School Counsellor:

  • Through the Learning and Support Team.
  • The class teacher or Learning and Support Team Co-ordinator will contact parents/ carers to notify you of the referral and to obtain written permission.
  •  Cases will be prioritised by the Learning and Support Team.
  • The Counsellor will usually contact you once the child has been accepted on the official caseload.


Helpful websites and numbers:


1300 1300 52

(local call cost)

Parents. Advice for any problems.


Kids Helpline  

1800 55 1800

(freecall from landlines)

Children aged 5-25 24/7 phone service.

Website also has information for parents/ carers.



1800 650 890

(freecall from landlines)

Anyone. 24/7 support. Youth (12-25 y.o.) focussed but family can call also.


Mental Health Access Line

1800 011 511

(freecall from landlines)

Anyone. 24/7 advice and referral to local services.


School consellors are experienced teachers who have a degree in psychology and post-graduate qualifications in school counselling. They work with students of all ages and their families, throughout their school years.

The school counsellor can also assist students who may be feeling extremely sad or anxious. Contact us if you would like to make an appointment.

It is important to seek help early if you notice any major change in your child's behaviour.

For information in community languages see school counselling service.

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